maandag 7 maart 2016

Food Trucks in Antwerp | BBQ Cro-Magnon

When I go to a restaurant I always try to find a seat where I can look into the kitchen. I love seeing other people cook and especially the food I'm about to eat. That is what I love most about food markets, there is nothing to hide. Every truck has a restricted menu with its specialities, so chances are very high that you end up ordering something delicious. I have this strategy where I wander around for an hour or so to try out all the samples and then go back to the food truck that I fancied the most. I know that as a foodie I should try out more than one food truck and give you guys a review of the entire market, but I get fat too you know... So let's just break it up in a few visits.

diMANGE is a food market that I had been eyeing up for a while, but I never seemed to make it. After a few editions I finally decided to give it a try. I have to admit that it was quiet disappointing, but you can't expect every food market to be like London's Borough Market, right? It was quiet small and there were a few stands that didn't appeal to me. They incorporated bigger brands such as Hellofresh. I hate it when people come up to you and try to sell you things, it makes me so uncomfortable. It took away some of the character and coziness. However, there were other food trucks that I did like and I am very happy with my delicious pulled pork sandwich.

The food truck I picked out is called BBQ Cro-Magnon, and I think they only had three sandwiches on their menu. One with beef, one with pork and a vegetarian option. I rarely have pulled pork, but I love it and was more than happy to give theirs a try. Behind the food truck stood a giant bbq where they prepare your meat. The owners were very kind which makes their food taste even better. They served the pulled pork in a sandwich that we call "een tijgerpistoleeke" with some coleslaw and a delicious sweet sauce. As you can tell by the pictures, I have truly enjoyed this messy meal. 

Although I was kind of disappointed with the market, I will definitely go back to diMANGE to give it another chance and try out that pizza food truck that caught my eye. 

Thank you to my lovely sister for taking all the beautiful pictures while my hands were frozen and covered in sauce. Check out her instagram page HERE .

BBG Cro-Magnon:

donderdag 4 februari 2016

Lunch in Antwerp | Mokkakapot

Mokkakapot might be one of the most colourful places in Antwerp. Although it's quite near to where I live, I had only been there a few times before.
I got bored of the having lunch at home. Although I think of myself as the master of hummus-making, I decided it was time to go and eat someone else's hummus elsewhere. I hopped on my bike and headed over to Mokkakapot. 

About the interior... 
As I said before, VERY colourful. It's a challenge to pick a table, because they're all so cute. You can sit at a large wooden table together with other people or at one of the vintage-school desks. 

About the food...
I had a very hard time ordering only one thing of the menu. And this time it wasn't because I couldn't decide whether I was going to pick something healthy or not. I couldn't decide between one healthy thing and another healthy thing. There's a first time for everything they say... In the end I decided to go for the sandwich with hummus, beetroot, mint leaves, sesame seeds and honey. Hmmm... I'm craving one right now!

About the drinks...
I'm trying to drink less milk so I went with a regular coffee, which I normally find boring and a little too strong, but I have to say that I truly enjoyed this one! And it was not only due the pretty glass it came in...

I highly recommend you to go to Mokkakapot. You're missing out if you don't!

x Jeanneke

dinsdag 26 januari 2016

Coffee in Antwerp | Normo

I felt kind of stupid asking the people from Normo if I could write about them on my blog. Most of the time I write about places that are not that known. Normo is very popular and I doubt that my little blog with its few readers will make them even more successful, but I thought "what the heck". It's so damn good, cool and cosy that I felt like writing about it. The people who work there are so nice and the coffee is so good that I just couldn't risk any tourist to miss out just because I was too shy to ask them if I could take some pictures.

Normo is very well located. It's near the city center and close to the university and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts which makes it very tempting to stop by and grab a coffee after a long day of shopping or a long day at uni. I had a delicious latté and my friend went with a flat white. They also have their own brand, so if you're lazy and don't feel like going out for a coffee everyday you can simply purchase a bag of their delicious Normo coffee and do it yourself at home. 

Apart from the location, coffee and people that work there, I also love the interior. If you love the cofeebars in London and New York, but can't afford to go there every weekend, you should definitely try out Normo. There are many ways to sip your coffee at Normo; you can sit on one of the benches outside and enjoy the sun, do some work on the large wooden table, sit on a high chair staring out of the window, have a talk with your friend at a marble table or enjoy a good book in one of their sofas. 

I haven't tried their cakes and pies yet, but I'll do that once I've lost that extra christmas weight.
Let me know if you are planning on visiting Normo, or if you've already been... Let me know what you think.

X Jeanneke

Minderbroedersrui 30, 2000 Antwerp

zondag 6 december 2015

Breakfast in Antwerp | Maison Tartine

Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is perfectly okay to have a few very close girlfriends instead of a big group of boys and girls to go out with. 
When I first started university I had this image in my head that I was going to meet so many great people and that I would go partying with them every single week. I did try for a few months to go and sit next to strangers, starting awkward conversations and in the end concluding that you have absolutely nothing in common apart from the fact that you both think it's too cold outside.

When I finally had some time to meet up with the girlfriends I've known for a while, I realized that I should be happy with the few very lovely friends I have. Not having to think too much about what you're going to say. Never having enough time to say everything you want to say to them. Meeting up twice in one day, because there's never enough time. Making plans for summer. Talking about food. Planning a christmas party. Wearing the same watch. Asking them to come to your class, because two hours goes by way faster with your close friends next to you.
Last but not least, having a lovely breakfast with them at one of my favourite places in Antwerp. 

Maison Tartine is most popular for its great tartines, as the name suggests. Many young people go there for lunch since it's located quite closely to the Academy of modern arts and the University of Antwerp. Having a very big menu isn't always a good thing, because you have to make sure that everything on there is delicious. You know what they say: "Quality over quantity." And I totally agree with that, but Maison Tartine gets every single recipe right.
We went quite early in the morning and there was a very cozy atmosphere. I don't think there were any christmas decorations up yet, but the lighting and music were just very warm and suiting.

We really enjoyed our breakfast! I went for cruesly with greek yoghurt, dried fruit, nuts and fresh fruit, Julia got the tartine with omelet and bacon and Renée got a boiled egg with "soldiers" and a "plistolé" with nutella. For drinks I went with a tea and a cappuccino (yes two drinks because my friends overslept and were half an hour too late).
Make sure to check out this hotspot if you're in the neighborhood. It's totally worth a visit.

Why go to Maison Tartine? 
Cosy atmosphere, delicious tartines, big menu, lovely staff, good coffee, letterkoekjes!

vrijdag 27 november 2015

Breakfast in Antwerp | Eten Vol Leven

Yes, it's me again, with another breakfast post. I will never understand people who skip breakfast. I mean how do you survive an entire morning without eating anything? Maybe I'm one of the few that's extremely active in the mornings. I just love riding my bike down the empty streets on my way to the bakery. Normally Sundays are for sleeping in, but I get up extremely early just to make sure that I wouldn't arrive at a sold-out bakery. When you're craving that one specific pastry all week and the employee tells you they ran out of exactly that one... We want to avoid that right?

Although I do love me a big Sunday brunch with eggs and pastry, I usually have a very healthy breakfast. In fact, I'm always very motivated in the mornings to start a healthy day and then I give up around midday. But it's a good thing that I can balance things out a little by starting my days with a healthy breakfast.

Today I'll be introducing you to Eten Vol Leven, a place where you will not get seduced by pancakes or French Toast, because they only serve healthy and fresh food. So if you're someone like me who always ends up getting the unhealthiest, most decadent thing on the menu, this is the place to go if you don't want to slip up again.

I went for their Lifefood Granola and a Chai latte with cashew milk. I really enjoyed this lovely breakfast. The Chai Latte was heartwarming (I think I might have heard them make my cashew milk on the spot, I mean I heard something mixing so I guess they were mixing the cashews?). The granola was nothing like an average granola bowl, it was very light and the ingredients where out of the ordinary. The granola was made out of sprouted buckwheat and millet served with nuts, dried fruit and almond milk. 

The interior is also very pretty and there are piles of magazines everywhere. The people who work there are extremely friendly! They even gave me a little healthy snack to take away, because I was going to write this article about them. No one has done anything like that for me before and it made my day.

I strongly recommend Eten Vol Leven, for people who are interested in healthy, raw, vegan, gluten free food or for those who just love to try out something different.

donderdag 19 november 2015

Breakfast in Antwerp | Koek & Zopie

Before I went to university, I used to pass by Koek & Zopie twice a day on my way to school and back. So that means I've passed this lovely cafe a billion times without going inside. If only I knew back then what I was missing. I'm talking beautiful interior, great menu, pleasant staff, and delicious breakfasts!
I could've gone for the yoghourt and granola, but I thought I'd go all the way and order me some french toast with clotted cream, mint and berries. When my plate arrived it almost screamed "made-with-love"! I loved how the thick slices of bread seemed to be of a very good quality with beautiful poppy seeds on the crust. I always try to get a little piece of every single ingredient on my fork, so that all the flavours unite and my tastebuds can have a little party. First a berry, then a piece of french toast topped with a spoonful of clotted cream and lastly a bit of mint which gives you that fresh taste. 
I ordered a cappuccino to warm me up a little, and it came on this wooden tray which made my cappuccino taste even better. I'm not that person that thinks you eat with your eyes and presentation is everything, but I have to admit that everything looks better on a wooden chopping bord, tray or table. I can't wait to go back and try something else, because literally everything on their menu screamed my name. 

woensdag 4 november 2015

Breakfast in Antwerp | Coffeelabs

I don't really dare to say that I'm creating a little guide about breakfast in Antwerp, because as soon as I try to commit to something I give up. But I have to admit that I love writing these articles! 
I feel like tourists always seem to get lost without even knowing they're lost. I mean that they think they've seen Antwerp, but in fact they haven't seen anything. You won't find treasures "op de Meir" or "rond de Grote Markt". Don't get me wrong; I do love our waffles, chocolate and fries, but the real good and cozy places are a little bit hidden. Tourists or maybe even people who live in Antwerp probably have been only 20 meters away from Coffeelabs without even knowing it's there. 

Coffeelabs is a place where you can go for breakfast, lunch, sweets or drinks. They're mostly known for a place to go when you feel like taking things out of the office. You'll see many laptops and Iphones there, but also people reading books (like me) or friends getting together. 

They've got a pretty big breakfast menu and I can't wait to try everything out! This time however, I asked the lady, who very kindly served me, what the best thing on the menu was, to make sure that it'd be worth telling you guys about. She told me that the cappuccino and the avocado on toast were the best selling breakfasts. I obviously ordered what she recommended and even though I have a major sweet tooth in the morning, I really enjoyed this healthy breakfast. She even served my cappuccino together with my toast, so that I could take pictures without my cappuccino getting cold! 
The next time I go there I will probably try something else (sweeter) like their granola, vegan scones or french toast!

In summer, Coffeelabs is located on the top floor with a rooftop terrace. Now that it's getting colder they've moved downstairs and I have to say that I like this location better. It's so cosy!

So if you ever find yourself with a hungry stomach on the Meir, think about the little side streets!



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