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Food Trucks in Antwerp | BBQ Cro-Magnon

When I go to a restaurant I always try to find a seat where I can look into the kitchen. I love seeing other people cook and especially the food I'm about to eat. That is what I love most about food markets, there is nothing to hide. Every truck has a restricted menu with its specialities, so chances are very high that you end up ordering something delicious. I have this strategy where I wander around for an hour or so to try out all the samples and then go back to the food truck that I fancied the most. I know that as a foodie I should try out more than one food truck and give you guys a review of the entire market, but I get fat too you know... So let's just break it up in a few visits.

diMANGE is a food market that I had been eyeing up for a while, but I never seemed to make it. After a few editions I finally decided to give it a try. I have to admit that it was quiet disappointing, but you can't expect every food market to be like London's Borough Market, right? It was quiet small and there were a few stands that didn't appeal to me. They incorporated bigger brands such as Hellofresh. I hate it when people come up to you and try to sell you things, it makes me so uncomfortable. It took away some of the character and coziness. However, there were other food trucks that I did like and I am very happy with my delicious pulled pork sandwich.

The food truck I picked out is called BBQ Cro-Magnon, and I think they only had three sandwiches on their menu. One with beef, one with pork and a vegetarian option. I rarely have pulled pork, but I love it and was more than happy to give theirs a try. Behind the food truck stood a giant bbq where they prepare your meat. The owners were very kind which makes their food taste even better. They served the pulled pork in a sandwich that we call "een tijgerpistoleeke" with some coleslaw and a delicious sweet sauce. As you can tell by the pictures, I have truly enjoyed this messy meal. 

Although I was kind of disappointed with the market, I will definitely go back to diMANGE to give it another chance and try out that pizza food truck that caught my eye. 

Thank you to my lovely sister for taking all the beautiful pictures while my hands were frozen and covered in sauce. Check out her instagram page HERE .

BBG Cro-Magnon:

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