dinsdag 26 januari 2016

Coffee in Antwerp | Normo

I felt kind of stupid asking the people from Normo if I could write about them on my blog. Most of the time I write about places that are not that known. Normo is very popular and I doubt that my little blog with its few readers will make them even more successful, but I thought "what the heck". It's so damn good, cool and cosy that I felt like writing about it. The people who work there are so nice and the coffee is so good that I just couldn't risk any tourist to miss out just because I was too shy to ask them if I could take some pictures.

Normo is very well located. It's near the city center and close to the university and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts which makes it very tempting to stop by and grab a coffee after a long day of shopping or a long day at uni. I had a delicious latté and my friend went with a flat white. They also have their own brand, so if you're lazy and don't feel like going out for a coffee everyday you can simply purchase a bag of their delicious Normo coffee and do it yourself at home. 

Apart from the location, coffee and people that work there, I also love the interior. If you love the cofeebars in London and New York, but can't afford to go there every weekend, you should definitely try out Normo. There are many ways to sip your coffee at Normo; you can sit on one of the benches outside and enjoy the sun, do some work on the large wooden table, sit on a high chair staring out of the window, have a talk with your friend at a marble table or enjoy a good book in one of their sofas. 

I haven't tried their cakes and pies yet, but I'll do that once I've lost that extra christmas weight.
Let me know if you are planning on visiting Normo, or if you've already been... Let me know what you think.

X Jeanneke

Minderbroedersrui 30, 2000 Antwerp

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