woensdag 4 november 2015

Breakfast in Antwerp | Coffeelabs

I don't really dare to say that I'm creating a little guide about breakfast in Antwerp, because as soon as I try to commit to something I give up. But I have to admit that I love writing these articles! 
I feel like tourists always seem to get lost without even knowing they're lost. I mean that they think they've seen Antwerp, but in fact they haven't seen anything. You won't find treasures "op de Meir" or "rond de Grote Markt". Don't get me wrong; I do love our waffles, chocolate and fries, but the real good and cozy places are a little bit hidden. Tourists or maybe even people who live in Antwerp probably have been only 20 meters away from Coffeelabs without even knowing it's there. 

Coffeelabs is a place where you can go for breakfast, lunch, sweets or drinks. They're mostly known for a place to go when you feel like taking things out of the office. You'll see many laptops and Iphones there, but also people reading books (like me) or friends getting together. 

They've got a pretty big breakfast menu and I can't wait to try everything out! This time however, I asked the lady, who very kindly served me, what the best thing on the menu was, to make sure that it'd be worth telling you guys about. She told me that the cappuccino and the avocado on toast were the best selling breakfasts. I obviously ordered what she recommended and even though I have a major sweet tooth in the morning, I really enjoyed this healthy breakfast. She even served my cappuccino together with my toast, so that I could take pictures without my cappuccino getting cold! 
The next time I go there I will probably try something else (sweeter) like their granola, vegan scones or french toast!

In summer, Coffeelabs is located on the top floor with a rooftop terrace. Now that it's getting colder they've moved downstairs and I have to say that I like this location better. It's so cosy!

So if you ever find yourself with a hungry stomach on the Meir, think about the little side streets!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoffeelabsAntwerp/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/coffeelabs_antwerp/

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