woensdag 28 oktober 2015

Breakfast in Antwerp | Loes & Krikke Express

As I told you in my previous post; many nice restaurants and coffeeshops have recently opened their doors in Borgerhout. I love how I can go for a nice breakfast only five minutes away from me. Today my friend and I went to Loes & Krikke Express. I've been there quite a few times for a coffee, but I was always drooling over the granola they served. Today I finally decided to go and try one. We set ourselves by the window and enjoyed our granola, hot chocolate (with real melted chocolate), flat white and not to forget that little piece of brownie that comes with your drink. It's even worth just going there for that little piece of brownie you get. It's the best ever! The people who work there are very nice, and it's fun to watch all the people who sit there with their children before dropping them of to school or after picking them up. 
Everything is also very reasonable priced! I paid €7,50 for my sweet hot chocolate and big and beautifully served granola. 
They also serve spelt sandwiches, salads, brownies and other sweet goodness. There's also a small range of chocolate, coffee, postcards and little notebooks for sale. I really love this place and I think you should definitely pay a visit even if you're not in the neighborhood. 
Some of the pictures were taken by me, but the best ones are RenĂ©e's work. Check out her website here: http://reneevanzadelhoffphotography.tumblr.com/

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