vrijdag 27 november 2015

Breakfast in Antwerp | Eten Vol Leven

Yes, it's me again, with another breakfast post. I will never understand people who skip breakfast. I mean how do you survive an entire morning without eating anything? Maybe I'm one of the few that's extremely active in the mornings. I just love riding my bike down the empty streets on my way to the bakery. Normally Sundays are for sleeping in, but I get up extremely early just to make sure that I wouldn't arrive at a sold-out bakery. When you're craving that one specific pastry all week and the employee tells you they ran out of exactly that one... We want to avoid that right?

Although I do love me a big Sunday brunch with eggs and pastry, I usually have a very healthy breakfast. In fact, I'm always very motivated in the mornings to start a healthy day and then I give up around midday. But it's a good thing that I can balance things out a little by starting my days with a healthy breakfast.

Today I'll be introducing you to Eten Vol Leven, a place where you will not get seduced by pancakes or French Toast, because they only serve healthy and fresh food. So if you're someone like me who always ends up getting the unhealthiest, most decadent thing on the menu, this is the place to go if you don't want to slip up again.

I went for their Lifefood Granola and a Chai latte with cashew milk. I really enjoyed this lovely breakfast. The Chai Latte was heartwarming (I think I might have heard them make my cashew milk on the spot, I mean I heard something mixing so I guess they were mixing the cashews?). The granola was nothing like an average granola bowl, it was very light and the ingredients where out of the ordinary. The granola was made out of sprouted buckwheat and millet served with nuts, dried fruit and almond milk. 

The interior is also very pretty and there are piles of magazines everywhere. The people who work there are extremely friendly! They even gave me a little healthy snack to take away, because I was going to write this article about them. No one has done anything like that for me before and it made my day.

I strongly recommend Eten Vol Leven, for people who are interested in healthy, raw, vegan, gluten free food or for those who just love to try out something different.

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  1. Ik feel je helemaal als je zegt dat je het niet snapt als mensen het ontbijt skippen. Dit is juist het leukste deel van de dag :) & het is origineel dat je specifiek schrijft over breakfast plekjes, leuk concept!