vrijdag 12 december 2014

BEAUTY - Kiehl's Centella Skin-Calming Facial Cleanser

Exams are over. Jazz music is playing. Coffee machine is working. Fingers are typing. I am human again.

After having spent way too much money on cosmetics that don't work for sh**, I thought is was time to spend even more money on cosmetics. I know some Kiehl's products can be a little expensive but it's just one of the only skincare brands I trust. And let's be real, if you know that there are face creams out there that cost $500, Kiehl's is NOT expensive. The service is on point, the packaging is beautiful and the products are great.

I was looking for a facial cleanser that would get rid of my oily skin and acne. The woman in my Kiehl's shop, recommended to simply try out a cleanser that would balance out and calm my skin, instead of going for a product that's meant to get rid of acne. She told me that if I would start using an anti-acne cleanser my skin would get too dry, and I would have to start using a nourishing cream that'll make my skin oily again and it would just become an endless cycle of dry and oily skin. 

So, I can't say that this product totally got rid of my spots and redness, but calming it is for sure! I've tried out a few Bodyshop and Lush products but they just made my skin look worse! I would get random white "toothpaste-looking" patches on my skin and it was just not looking good! 

After washing my face with the Centella Skin-Calming Facial Cleanser, my skin feels very clean, calm and 'safe'. I just know that this product will never break me out!
I would highly recommend this product to people that are scared to use any more skincare cosmetics because they just seem to make it worse. I would repurchase this product if I wouldn't know for sure that there is definitely something cheaper out there that works just as great. 

Have you tried out any Kiehl's products lately?

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  1. Ik wil echt eens iets van Kiehl's proberen en zeker na dit artikel! Trouwens, leuke blog! (ik hoop dat je het niet erg vindt dat ik in het Nederlands reageer ofzo)

    1. Geen probleem! En ja ben nu zelf een gezichtsmasker aan het uitproberen en het lijkt te werken :) Zeker naar de winkel in Antwerpen gaan, het personeel is super behulpzaam! Net als bij een echte huiddokter. Je krijgt ook steeds een heleboel staaltjes mee :) x Ben je blog ook beginnen volgen!