dinsdag 25 november 2014

FASHION - The Neon Beanie

Yes, another beanie. Yes, another American Apparel buy. What I love about this beanie is the touch it can give to a simple outfit. You want attention? Put the beanie on. Want to be invisible? Take it off. Simple as it is. 
But, I warn you to not wear this beanie on a bad-face-day, since it draws a lot of attention to that particular area. I've had this pink beanie for over a year now and I might not wear it every single day because it stands out so much, but I do enjoy a little pink in my life from now and then. 
Not feeling so "la vie en rose"? They literally sell these beanies in every single color! (An American Apparel local, would've known that)  I would love to get a beige one, but I don't think I need any more headwear! I swear, my next post won't be about a beanie.


What I was wearing:
Beanie: American Apparel
Sweater: Acne
Jacket: Zara
Trousers: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Clarks

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