donderdag 20 november 2014

FASHION - The Optic Beanie

These are the days where I just want to roll out of bed, drink coffee, go to the park, and enjoy the beautiful colors autumn brings. Instead I have to go to school and try to keep myself warm in those ice cold classrooms. Ugh, how much I crave freedom! Only 222 days left Jeanne, 222 days. 
Although I love autumn and winter, I just can not seem to find a way to cope with the cold. The only thing that keeps me warm are my dad's hugs. But since he has a life and I sort of have one too, he can't hold his little girl all day long. That's when I reach out for my beanie. I love this one by American Apparel, I wear it almost every day!

What's your way to keep yourself warm?


What I was wearing:

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