zondag 11 januari 2015

Lunch in Antwerp | Kaffeenini

Let's just start this post off with wishing you all a happy new year! I hope you all drank champagne, ate lobster, admired fireworks, danced your butts off and gotten a new years kiss. And even if you haven't, we got 355 more days to catch up on that! Sorry for not posting anything in a week but I'll be trying to post more regular for the new year (every sunday). But let's not get our hopes up to high because I am one heck of a procrastinator. 
I'll start my first article of 2015 with what I do best. Food-Talking.
I'm sure all of you who live in Antwerp have heard of this new lunchplace called Kaffeenini, founded by the owners of Barnini. (Click here for my article about Barnini)
I actually happen to like this place better than Barnini. I don't know if Kaffeenini is just more up my street or maybe I just like new places. 
My friend and I did have to wait in line to get a spot, but it was totally worth it. We both had a cappuccino which tasted as lovely as it looked. (Gotta love coffee-art and colored coffee cups). Normally, I can't have a cappuccino with lunch because the thick milk makes me lose my appetite, but I didn't have this problem this time! Score.
Now for food, I went with the Simply B (Grilled bagel with cream cheese), and my lovely lunch compagnon (Mira) enjoyed the Deli Bagel (Grilled bagel with pastrami, pesto, parmesan, cream cheese and rucola). Oh god, I'm thinking about the melting cream cheese again. Time to wrap this up!

Can't wait to go back! 


Kaffeenini website
Kaffeenini menu
Kaffeenini adres: Nationalestraat 114a, 2000 Antwerp
Kaffeenini opening hours: Mo-Sa: 8:00 - 19:00
Mira's instagram

Love, Jeanne.

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  1. Ik vind Kaffeenini ook leuker dan Barnini op een of andere manier! Ook meer plaats (denk ik toch?). Hun bagels zijn inderdaad echt zaaalig, wordt hongerig van je foto's haha. Je blog is trouwens echt erg leuk!