zondag 25 januari 2015

FASHION - The Leotard

Dear reader, sorry for not keeping my promise about posting every sunday. I just had the crappiest week and it didn't come to the point where I actually felt like sitting down to review a beauty product. Every week is another week to make it up, and that's why I am sitting down today writing a post about this leotard. 
The fact that I am far from an American Apparel model doesn't mean I can't act like one, right? I got this leotard on sale and am absolutely in love with it. This bodysuit is the light at the end of the tunnel, girls. No more struggling trying to tuck a shirt in your trousers without creases showing through. 
Since my third and last pair of easy jeans was coming to its end, I figured it was time for something new. I know a few girls who own the "riding pant" and therefor know that they are of a better quality than the easy jean. The Riding Pant is an imitation of real horse-riding-trousers and are made of a very thick and elastic material which makes them warm, comfortable and figure hugging. Eventhough they weren't on sale I couldn't resist buying them. And I am very happy that I did. Let's say it's an early birthday present for my almost 18 year old self (5 more days!!) 

I also wanted to thank my sister for all the effort she put in the photos. Thank you for wanting to deal with my very awkward posing. Your patience is very much appreciated.

Have a nice week everyone!

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  1. Oh wat een leuk 'ding' (ik had nog nooit van het woord leotard gehoord haha)! Lijkt me inderdaad super gemakkelijk, maar zit dat dan ook goed, haha? Ook nog een hele gelukkige verjaardag!!

    1. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

    2. Zit heel goed! Vooral zonder bh ;) Wel even awkward als je ineens in je blootje op de wc zit aangezien het een "body" is.