maandag 2 februari 2015

LIFESTYLE - Cozy day

It's snowing, I'm freezing, I'm wearing a pink sweater, my nose is running, time to recover from my birthday weekend. I had the craziest birthday party. Although I spent most of the evening letting people in and out, getting nacho's in and out of the oven and making sure everyones cups were filled with cava, I did have a great time. I have to say, it is very touching to see thirty people coming together to celebrate your eighteenth birthday, but it is also very scary. I am very glad that my house and I are still standing.
I thought I'd take you guys through my, cozy and very lazy, post-birthday day. 

A warm bath:
What better way to start a cold and dark day than taking a bath with all the bathproducts you got for your birthday? I had never tried Lush's bath bombs before but since my friend got me one, I had to check it out! Not only did it look lovely, it also gave my bathroom a lovely and relaxing scent. 

A coffee:
My sister made this big box filled with coffee-essentials for my birthday. So sweet, original and so me! I love how you can figure out how well someone knows you, just by their present. 

A book:
Right now I am reading Orlando by Virginia Woolf. I find it very hard to really focus on a book when your laptop is laying there crying for attention. But at least I'm trying.
Another book I'm reading is a book that my best friends gave me. It is called "How to be Parisian". They know it's my dream to move to Paris and they want me to chase that dream. Sometimes it is very hard for a belgian girl to believe that one day you will be living in Paris and will be a journalist for and english magazine. I know, being raised in Dutch, living in France, writing in English. My dreams make no sense.

A movie/tv-serie:
Léon the professional, Midnight in Paris, Chef, The immigrant, A thousand times goodnight, Ratatouille, Sex and The City, Gossip Girl, Girls. 
Enough said.

A sound:
On my lazy days I love a good old jazz song. Whether it's Chet Baker, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Gregory Porter or Jamie Cullum, all jazz is good. When I run out of inspiration I like to put on TSF jazz, a french radio station that plays jazz music all day everyday. (Also gives you that parisian vibe)

Don't be scared to allow yourself a day off!

Love, Jeanne

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