maandag 6 oktober 2014

Dinner in Antwerp | September. (MOVED)

I know, I know,  september is over. Not only the month came to an end but also the pop-up restaurant that carries the same name. But, just like months return every year, this restaurant will too. In fact, we won't even have to wait a year for it to come back. The owners of september. are planning on opening their restaurant again in just a few months! The only things that will change are the location and the menu. Even though it's not september anymore, the restaurant will keep carrying it's name. I will definitely let you know where and when you'll find september. as soon as I get my hands on the information.

Since it's such a successful place, the only way to get a spot at september. is by making a reservation. The menu is very restricted, but doesn't everyone know that quality is more important than quantity? So you don't really get to choose what you have for dinner but I bet you will definitely like what's on your plate! If you're a vegetarian, there will be another dish waiting for you! The evening I went, everything was seafood related. Although I'm that "I-don't-like-any-form-of-fish-unless-it's-a-sushi kinda girl" I really enjoyed the dinner we had.

Another thing that I really liked about september., was the interior. Excuse me but... "wow". I don't think anything has gotten me more into that winter-mood than the wooden tables, the candlelights and the coziness of this restaurant.

Remember the cups I talked about in my blogpost on how to make Muhammara? Voici!

I can't wait till the restaurant opens its doors again, so I can go back and you can go have a bite too! Keep checking my blog if you want to stay updated on september. and my other favorite places in Antwerp.

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