dinsdag 30 september 2014

What I've been listening to - SEPTEMBER

Dear reader, do I even have to explain the way music can make me feel? Don't we all know that feeling one particular song can give us? How the butterflies in your stomach seem to escape to every single body part when that beat finally drops? How we replay the song because we weren't paying attention and missed our favorite part? How we start screaming and jumping around at a party when our jam comes on (maybe that one's just me)?
Like most people I can't tell you what kind of music I listen to because I listen to every-thing. I go from dropping low on A$AP to crying in my bed on Bon Iver to baking Christmas cookies on jazz music. 
Every month I make a playlist of all the songs that give me the goosebumps and all those other feelings I mentioned before. What I love about monthly playlists is that whenever I listen to them, even if it's in a year, I will feel exactly the same way as I did while making that playlist. So whenever I want to feel as happy as I do now, I just put on my september 2014 playlist, and I will relive everything all over again. I hope you enjoy my playlist as much as I do.


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