zondag 26 oktober 2014

Fashion - The J is for Jeanne

I am the owner of the world's smallest ears. They are that tiny that I've had someone ask me if I could even hear anything. Nevertheless, I do love to decorate them. Although my ears are probably smaller than your pinky finger, I managed to get three piercings in them; two in my left ear and one in the right one. The lady who kindly pierced me was scared ass hell, she though she would paralyse me since there is something in your ear that can get you paralyzed. Can you tell I'm very bad at biologics? 
They were having 20% off at American Apparel so I thought, why not get those studs I'd been eyeing up forever? With the discount I got them for €14,40 instead of €18,00. You might wonder what's so great about saving €3,60? Well, I can get a coffee for that. Yes, I am counting in coffees these days.
The other objects in this picture are the little golden studs I wear every single day. I can't tell you where they're from since they were a gift, but I think you can get them anywhere. 
Every red lipstick lover knows what lipstick this is. It's the lovely Russian Red by Mac. The reddest lipstick you'll ever come across.
And then last but not least, the magazine I've been loving: Crust. A new Belgian fashion magazine! The graphic design is on point and the articles are very interesting.

Let's hope I'll get another blogpost up soon, but school is driving me a little cray cray. Sorry guys!

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