zondag 18 mei 2014


I've had so many people complementing me on my hair lately that I thought I'd share my secret with you. I started looking for haircare products not so long ago. I was tired of my hair just being "nothing special" and it was boring the hell out of me. On a scale from 1 to 10 how straight is my hair? I'd say a 50? Seriously, I have been struggling with it for my entire life. Most of my friends always had these beautiful curls and I've been dying to have a little volume too. The problem is that nothing is able to get a curl in my hair for longer than 20 seconds. My hair is so heavy that no curling iron is hot enough to make any difference. Even if it would, I wouldn't dare to use a curling iron every single morning because that's just very unhealthy for your hair. I would never have gotten such long hair if I would've been using heath. Enough about what I don't do and let me tell you what I do do. 

I wash my hair twice a week with Lush's BIG shampoo. I started using this because it contains sea-salt. I love how my hair looks during summer after spending a day in the ocean. The shampoo doesn't really give you very beachy-waves but it does it does a pretty good job at volumeizing and the scent is wonderful! The only bad thing about this shampoo is that it is slightly on the pricier side, but that's just Lush in general..

I don't use any conditioner since I've never found one that won't weigh down my hair. If you know a good one, you should definitely let me know, because the BIG shampoo does give your hair kind of a squeaky clean feel which leaves your hair quiet dry. 
I do brush my hair right after I've washed it but apart from then, I don't ever brush my hair because than it'll go all flat and it just loses all it's volume. How come I don't get many knots? Well, I like to braid my hair before going to sleep so it won't get all wild and when I de-braid my hair the next morning, I have suddle waves.

Another product from Lush that I love is the Sea Spray. I just flip all my hair over, spray some on the ends and I'm good to go. I've had so many people asking me what perfume I'm using and I just have to tell them every single time that it's the Sea Spray. Just make sure that you don't spray this onto the roots of your hair because it will make your hair look greasy. Et voila that's it! Yes, I've thought about following the trend and cutting my hair real short but I just love having long hair too much. I think that Jeanne with short hair won't be so me anymore.
Love Jeanne

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