donderdag 1 mei 2014


If you know me in person or follow me on Instagram this might not come as a shock to you, but I am a food-lover. If I'm not eating, I am either talking about it or reading cookbooks and food blogs. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I like to describe my stomach as a hole with no ending. I keep blaming my constant longing for food on puberty, even though I've already reached my 17th year. 
I try to eat as healthy as possible because I know that once I eat a cookie or anything bad I can't hold myself back and I just keep eating lots of crap. I am that person that tells herself she can eat one cookie and then ends up eating the entire box. That person that will eat the core of her apple because technically it's eatable. That person that is asking what we'll be eating for dinner the upcoming day while her mouth is still filled with todays dinner. 
Since I've been to France I've fallen in love with markets where you get blinded by all of the beautiful colors and become deaf because of all the yelling merchants "allez-y allez-y, fraises fraiches!  These photos were taken with an analogue camera by my lovely sister. This is the outfit I wore on the day we were heading back home from France. Before we definitely left France we wanted to visit a market to get some local food. I love how laid-back this outfit looks. The slouchy cardigan is very just rolled out of bed, going grocery shopping at my local marché. And yes, I've joined the monochrome club! I've paired the stripy crop-top with high waisted skinny jeans to cover up my belly that was stuffed with all of the sweet fruit you get forced to eat. Not that it bothers me.

Top: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: American Apparel
Trousers: American Apparel
Bag: American Apparel
Shoes: Episode

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  1. Thought I'd let you know I really love reading your blog &
    you're beautiful !