zondag 27 april 2014


Mirrored sunglasses

1: Acne Frame Light Yellow
2: Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses
3: Mykita Sepp
4: Quay Quay Iris Mirrored Sunglasses
5: Wildfox Mirror Lens Sunglasses in purple
6: Karen Walker Siouxsie white & gold
7: Karen Walker Number One Crazy Tort

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has spotted the trend of mirrored sunglasses. Nowadays they seem to be everywhere! In every magazine, every shop, on every nose, in everyone's dream. I love this new trend because it gives you the ability to look fashionable on the days where you're not in the mood to dress-up and would rather go for a very neutral outfit. Even in your sweatpants people will turn their heads as if they'd just seen Karl Lagerfeld passing by. 
On my trip to France I even had some guy whispering: "Quelles lunettes", as we crosses ways.  Not sure if that's a good thing though.. 
Mirrored sunglasses are also great for the days where you'd like to be a little incognito. You know, the days when you're tired of being a celebrity? 
They also come in very handy for when you want to do a check up on your face. You take them off, turn them around, and woah here's your mirror. 
These wonderful creatures do have a little downside! How so, you ask? Well, my sunglasses and I like to take bike rides now and then, and I've had many times where I bumped into a person I know and have me wave at them but they don't wave back because they don't recognize me because of the mirrored glasses. We all hate awkward situations like that don't we? 

You might've noticed the black sheep in the collage above. Lucky number seven! These aren't mirrored sunglasses, I know. But aren't they gor-geous? I just wanted to share my love for them with you. I added these sunglasses to my wish-list quite a while ago but still haven't got around to buying them because they are so damn expensive. But that makes it all more exciting doesn't it?

Love, Jeanne

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