zondag 2 maart 2014


The word "Lush" will be used very often in this post
Yes! The Lush store has opened again and I was finally able to buy all of the skin-care products that had been on my wish list since the last Lush shop in Antwerp closed their doors. I was very desperate when the shop was gone for an entire month but I have to say that it was worth the wait and the new one looks a million times better! It looks way more Lush-like. I don't own many products from the brand but I did do a lot of research about it and I am in love! Before last week I had only tried out some of their hair products but I really needed to update my skin-care routine so I reached out to Lush. Lush is a cosmetic brand that fights against animal testing. All of their products are very natural and contrary to most cosmetic brands you won't find many weird "chemical" names on the packaging of their products because they try to use a minimum in conserving products and as many natural ingredients. In this blog post I won't be telling you much about the products I purchased because I haven't used them enough to really be able to tell what I like and dislike about them but I might go deeper into a product when I totally fall in love with it.
This is the list of products I purchased:

I have to admit that I thought the outside of the shop didn't look that promising but once I set foot inside the store my heart felt surrounded by butterflies. (Yes I get really excited about little things like these.) I think everyone's first experience at Lush is the typical smell that every Lush shop owns. The smell is so strong you can smell it from across the street. I love it but then again it makes my mom sneeze so I'm not sure if that's a good thing... 
I absolutely love the interior! The combination of the wood and the plants is absolutely perfect. Another thing I love about this brand is the simplicity of their packaging. It is one of those brands like Kiehl's and Aesop where the packaging is so neutral but still so beautiful in my opinion. The packaging looks so effortless that it really gives you the feeling that it is all about the product itself and not about the packaging. It is like an Italian restaurant, the one with the ugly neon lights always seems to serve the best food.
Here you can have a look at Lush's freshly made face masks. They look so delicious and all though they aren't eatable, I'm afraid I will eat it at the moment I'm using it. That is how good it looks! I haven't tried one before but I will soon because when you bring back five empty black Lush pots to the store you get a face mask for free! And a bonus is that you are helping the planet by recycling the pots.
Let me introduce you to Lush's famous bath bombs. If you haven't tried anything from Lush before, I think that a bath bomb is a very good way to get into it. If you want to relax in a colorful bath, this is it. 
Lush also has a new range of perfumes that come in the prettiest perfume bottles. The scents are very natural and different from any other perfume. I really like them but when I asked my friend what she thought of them, she said it gave her a headache and to be honest I'm not sure if I want people around me to get ill from my scent. But I know that I won't be able to resist and I'll find myself buying one soon. On the right you see a photo of a few of the lip products that Lush makes. I am so in love with my bubblegum lipscrub all though I absolutely hate anything that tastes or smells like strawberry that isn't actually a strawberry itself (if that makes any sense.) The chances that this will be the product I'm reviewing in another blogpost are high.
If you live are in Antwerp I really recommend you to go take a look at the shop. The people there are also very helpful and friendly. If you don't live anywhere near Antwerp, don't worry because almost every city owns a Lush shop. Have fun!

-A big thank you to my sister for the lovely photos

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