zondag 12 juli 2015

LIFESTYLE - My Favorite Cookbooks

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your morning was as productive as mine. It's okay if it wasn't, because that's what sundays are for right? Coffee, reading, watching a movie, baking, and maybe going to the sunday market? That's what I did! I just love picking a recipe out of my little collection of cookbooks and head to the market to buy the ingredients. Hmm the smell of fresh basil, the look of a slightly deformed lemon, and the cuteness of a tiny avocado instantly make me happy.

Although I follow a crazy amount of foodblogs, I will always prefer cooking out of a cookbook. The thing about books is that it's no disaster if something gets spilled on the pages, it adds that character to your cookbook. But I wouldn't be happy if anyone spilled turmeric on my computer screen.

I thought it would be fun to tell you a little bit about my favorite cookbooks.

1. Puur eten dat je gelukkig maakt - Pascale Naessens
I hate the lay-out, but I love the recipes. Most of them are very simple and have only a few ingredients. 

2. Dagelijkse kost - Jeroen Meus
I don't think I need to explain what this book is about. Any Belgian knows Jeroen Meus and probably has a collection of his cookbooks laying around. He's basically the Belgian Jamie Oliver (although he will never be as good as Jamie). His recipes are nowhere near healthy or anything, but I think it's fun to shake things up sometimes. I mean, we can't eat healthy all the time can we? 

3. Power food - Rens Kroes
I think this is the cookbook I've cooked with the most. I love how her recipes are healthy without cutting out anything. She just makes cooking healthy food so easy! Everything is briefly explained, but it's still very clear. Can't wait to get her second book.

4. Get the glow - Madeleine Shaw
My heart skipped a beat when this book finely arrived! I had been following Madeleine's blog for a while and couldn't wait to get her cookbook. The pictures are so pretty and the food looks great! There's also a six-week programme in the book to quit sugar. I tried it for one and a half week, but it didn't make me happy so I quit. I usually don't eat a lot of sugar, so I don't really see the point in cutting it out. Things like that just make me unhappy.
I'll be making one of her breakfasts tomorrow morning! I'm so excited!

5. De helden van het echte eten - Alle Dagen Honger
I LOVE this book! It's basically a book about people who try to go back to the roots of real food. It's filled with stories about farmers, butchers, bakers and way more! There's a lovely recipe attached to every story. 

What are your favorite cookbooks? I would love to get a cookbook from The Green Kitchen Stories!

Lots of kisses for my very talented friend Oona who took the pictures! Thank you very much for all the patience. Check out her website here!

kisses Jeanne

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