zondag 5 juli 2015

Lunch in Antwerp | Perruche

Friends are those who ask you over brunch if you're willing to have dinner with them. Friends are those who photograph your food because you're too awkward to do it yourself. A friend is Oona. Check out her website for more of her lovely work!

Let's talk about Perruche, one of the many places you'll find me sipping coffee.
Perruche might be one of the most popular bars in Antwerp for sandwiches, coffee and homemade lemonades. On saturdays their terrace is crowded with people who just finished shopping at the 'Vogeltjesmarkt' down the street. 
Oona and I both went for a sandwich with goat cheese, beetroot and homemade chutney. It was de-li-ci-ous. 

Another thing to love about Perruche is that it isn't only a coffeebar, but they also serve wine, cava and other lovely drinks. In fact, after I graduated I want straight to Perruche for a glass of cava. We leant our backs against their window, closed our eyes and enjoyed the sun. 

So why Perruche?
Sandwiches, coffee, lemonades, wine, cava, sun, flowers and most of all very friendly waitresses!


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