maandag 11 mei 2015

FASHION - Who let the legs out?

I did! But I have to admit that all I did outdoors today was run down the street to get a magazine. I felt very uncomfortable and was glad when I got back home and could stop pulling my dress down. Where I live, it's almost impossible to wear a dress without having men yell or have cars honking when you pass by. I guess it's kind of a fear I have to get over, and I will especially for this beautiful dress.

Now about the dress... When I went to visit friends in Vietnam last year, the woman who showed me around Ho Chi Minh, took me to food markets, took care of me like a real mom made me this dress. She doesn't have a brand (I'm still waiting for that one Bea), but she often wears clothes she made herself. There was this one dress she made that I was crazy about. So she took me to all of her favorite fabric, ribbon, pompon and pearl shops. Walking around that area made me want to design and sew my own clothes. But unfortunately I can't. We picked out the fabric and ribbons and she started making my dress. It has been waiting in my closet all winter and now the time has come where it's appropriate to let the legs out.

I want to encourage every single one of you to start wearing brighter colors. I admit that I love wearing black, but I recently became friends again with a good old friend who wears nothing but colors. It's impossible to be in a bad mood around her, because she's so colorful and the colors affect your mood. She's my inspiration to live happier and see the world in a more colorful way. Besides black dresses make you legs look super pale, so get out that bright dress and you won't have to worry about your milk bottles anymore.

Thank you Bea for the dress
Thank you Eileen for the photos
Thank you Julia for the colorful inspiration

Have a sunny week everyone!

What I was wearing:
Dress - made by Bea, a friend
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Bracelet - Market
Socks - Tabio
Shoes - Clarks

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