maandag 18 mei 2015

FASHION - The Stories Named Jewelry

Last week, the online company Invaluable reached out to me with a great idea for a blogpost. They asked a couple bloggers to write about their favorite jewelry. And that's what I'll be doing today.

I don't have a huge box of jewelry that I open every morning to pick out the pieces I want to wear. No, I have one single necklace and a bracelet that I never take off, and another bracelet and a watch that I carefully lay beside my bed every night.

I used to wear a golden necklace that my mom got for her eighteenth birthday. I lost it a million times, but always found it back. The last time the necklace fell off, it appeared to be broken and couldn't be fixed. My neck stayed sad and bare until my own eighteenth birthday when I got my very own golden necklace. It hasn't been anywhere else than around my neck since the 30th of January.

Around my right wrist I wear a €3 bracelet from my favorite shop in Paris, Merci. I never take it off, which explains why it gets all rusty. The one you see on the photo is the last one I bought. Right now I'm wearing one that my sister got me when she headed over to Paris. Before those two I had another one that I got the previous time in Paris. It became kind of a tradition to buy this bracelet for one another whenever someone goes to Paris.

On my left wrist I wear a €1 black leather bracelet that I got together with my friend at a tourist shop in Florence. It goes very well with my Daniel Wellington watch that my grandparents got me for my birthday. And yes, it took me a while to get used to reading a watch without any numbers...

At first, when I got the request to write this post, I thought that my jewelry wasn't interesting at all, but now that I actually sit down to think about it, I realize that I'm carrying many different stories around every single day. And that's what I love about my little collection.

Love, Jeanneke

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  1. Super leuke mini-stories, haha! :D Ook echt mooie sieraden, maar vooral leuk als het van ergens speciaal komt zoals Florence ofzo (wat ik trouwens echt een leuk bandje vind, zo leer). Ik draag ook (bijna) elke dag praktisch hetzelfde, een rosé-gouden horloge, een mini bandje (eerder draadje, haha) uit Rome en 2 mini gouden kettinkjes (zonder verhaal, gewoon van de Urban Outfitters haha).