dinsdag 5 mei 2015

Breakfast in Antwerp | Domestic

I admit it, I'm turning into one of those health and fitness freaks. I love granola, quinoa, fruit, vegetables, green tea, the feeling after a run... 
But what I love most about being healthy is cheating. Finally taking a bite of that oh so sweet pastry. Biting into a "pain au chocolat" and discovering frangipane under the chocolate. Seeing and tasting the black vanilla seeds in the sweet and thick pastry cream. Having a baguette with salted butter and jam.
All of us girls, who eat bananas while everyone around us is eating cookies, drink water while everyone else is drinking alcohol, wake up at 6am to work out... We know that if you're going to have a cheat meal it has to be a right one. Not any cheap cookie. No, it has to be made with love, butter and lots of sugar.
Every sunday morning I head to Domestic. My favorite bakery in Antwerp. It's the reason I get out of bed in the morning. Everything is artisanal. It's not just a croissant, it's Domestic's croissant. It's not just a paper bag, it's a baby blue checked paper bag. It's not just a counter, it's a white marble counter. It's not just a bite, it's a bite that'll make your day.

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Address: Steenbokstraat 37, 2018 Antwerpen

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