woensdag 25 maart 2015

LIFESTYLE - Tag: 25 Foodquestions

I came across this tag a while ago and figured I should do it. What's a tag you ask? It's basically a list of questions based around one subject. Kind of like an interview for anyone who's up to it. The tag I'll be filling in today is about food. Obviously.

1. What's your favorite breakfast?
The ones we have on sundays. A large brunch with pistoleekes (crusty little bread rolls) and pastries. (Favorite bakery -> Domestic)

2. How do you drink your coffee?
A Cappuccino with soy milk, no sugar, and made with love.

3. What's your favorite sandwich?
Hummus is love, hummus is life. A sandwich with hummus it is!

4. Soup or salad?
Pumpkin soup please! 

5. What's your favorite cookbook?
Rens Kroes - Power food. If you follow me on instagram @parpies, you probably figured that out.

6. No more sweets or no more hearty foods?
No more hearty foods! I just wouldn't be able to live without sweets, I'm sorry but giving up caramel and chocolate? I would never.

7. What's your favorite Cuisine? (country)
Hmmm... American maybe? I take hamburgers very seriously.

8. What's your favorite food movie?
Hands down Chef and Julie & Julia. Go watch them now and don't forget your popcorn.

9. What's your most guilty pleasure?
I don't know guilt.

10. What's your greatest inspiration source?
Pinterest and our crazy cookbook collection.

11. Cooking at home or going out for dinner?
I love cooking but I'd rather go out for dinner. It gives me the chance to really have a conversation. I can't cook and communicate at the same time.

12. High end or low profile?
All food will do.

13. What's your favorite restaurant?
Staff's Kantine for sure! A super cozy and delicious restaurant in Antwerp.

14. I do my grocery shopping at:
Vogeltjesmarkt, Morocco Nuts, Albert Heijn.

15. The tastiest food I've ever eaten was:
A hamburger I had at Soho Park (New York), an Oreo brownie I had a very long time ago in Amsterdam (a restaurant that unfortunately doesn't exist anymore), a meal my mom once made out of the Treme cookbook we offered her (Bayona's Roasted Duck with Bourbon-Molasses Sauce and Sweet Potato Fries), and any salted caramel ice cream!

16. What's your favorite cocktail?
A classic Mojito or a classy Cosmopolitan.

17. Coffee with George Clooney or Heston Blumenthal?
My currently non existent boyfriend.

18. What should not be missing in your kitchen?
Food. I guess.

19. What's your favorite snack?
I love Terra's real vegetable chips. But I try to avoid them because I don't really know how "real" they are. So I rather reach out for (dried) fruit or nuts.

20. What's on your pizza?
I love any cheese, artichoke, but I would love to try one of those with figs or pears!
I also love pizza that's more like focaccia (very thick dough).

21. What food do you really dislike?
Fennel, mushrooms, and maybe haricots. But I'm learning... One thing I'll never be able to eat is yoghurt with processed fruit in it omg.

22. What's your favorite foodblog?
I've only recently started cooking from foodblogs but I love: Fork Spoon Knife and Oh, Ladycakes.

23. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
A tomato-banana soup at Mokkakapot (Antwerp) and it was damn good.

24. What's on your food bucket list?
A cinnamon roll, but a very very very good one!

25. I couldn't live without:
Frangipane croissants! 


4 opmerkingen:

  1. In Paris we're going to have lots of frangipane croissants and soy cappuccinosss xoxo really can't wait ;)

  2. Tiziano Strobbe5 april 2015 om 05:27

    Je moet eens cinnamon rolls eten in Stockholm, je gaat je vingers aflikken, ik zweer het! + Het is echt een openminded stad, ik denk wel dat het iets voor jou is! :) x

    1. Vind het geweldig als mensen me steden aanraden! Ken je ook een goed adresje in Stockholm voor cinnamon rolls?