woensdag 18 maart 2015

FASHION - Little Checked Jacket

How I wish I could start this post off with the words "Bye winter, hello spring". Every person that had to fight its way through the thick mist this morning, knows that that wouldn't have been appropriate. Yesterday, nevertheless, was a different story. For the past couple weeks, this little jacked had been living on a hanger, waiting for the sun to allow it to start living it's life. That day was yesterday, when the sun shined so bright that even those who didn't plan on smiling had to. Let's cross our fingers for more days like yesterday and no more days like today. Let's cross our fingers for waking up tomorrow and have the sun shining through the window. Let's cross our fingers for the coffeebars opening their terraces again. Let's cross our fingers for picknicks. Oh, I can go on forever, but will you please cross your fingers with me?

Jacket: Think Twice
Sweater: Just in Case

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik heb ook ZO veel zin in picknicks vooral... Vlakbij een meer liefst, oh.. Maar het is bijna april, dus het moet wel echt vaker zo zonnig zijn, moet gewoon. :) Super leuk jasje, handig om in de T2 te scoren!