dinsdag 16 december 2014

LIFESTYLE - Instagram

It's time for me to add another post to my very limited category "Lifestyle". Why did it take me so long, you ask? The thing is that I simply could not decide what exactly I should tell you guys about my so called "life". So I concluded that I should just write about the first thing I do in the morning after waking up. And you guessed it, Instagram it is. 
I know, I know, not such a bright way to start your day. Apart from the fact that I might just be the tiniest bit addicted to this branch of social media, I do have another reason. Since I prefer to workout in the morning (avoiding that I wouldn't get around to doing it because of sudden evening-out-plans) a strong motivation is needed. That's when I reach out for the phone. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I follow a large number of health/fitness/food accounts that motivate me to get up and start sweating. If you want to know more about what I do for sports, I wouldn't mind making a post about it, so make sure to let me know. But first, let's talk Instagram.

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My week in instagram photos:

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Just a few of my favorite accounts:

See you on insta! Love

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