maandag 15 december 2014

Breakfast in Antwerp | Barnini

After two weeks of locking myself up at home with a pile of books and lots of stress, I decided it was time to catch up with one of my dearest friends. We went out for brunch at Barnini. Now, I don't come here that often, but when it came to that point where my brains hurt because I couldn't decide what to pick of the menu, I realized I should actually come here more regularly. I mean, I knew that they were one of the few restaurants in Antwerp that serve bagels, but oh boy not only the bagels look delish! 
I can't wait to try out all of their crazy coffees, pies, cakes, bagels, simply every-thing. Chances are quiet big that if you go for lunch at Barnini on a saturday, it will be packed with people and you'll have to wait to get a spot. But I think this just proves how good this coffee/lunch/breakfast place is. I don't think it's only their lovely food and drinks that appeal to all of the students that come here during their lunch break or after school, but also the interior. It looks vintage 7/7 but right now it's feeling extremely christmasy, which is always a bonus.

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