maandag 18 augustus 2014

Vietnam, Mũi Né - Photo Diary

How come we always think we won't find a better view than the one we're having? In the end we always end up seeing prettier sunsets than the ones we thought were the prettiest. I think it is all about the moment. The feeling I had while taking this picture was so intense; The road so smooth, the sea so wild. It was worth pulling over our motorbikes to picture this moment. 
It is kind of obvious that this picture wasn't taken in Ho Chi Minh City. In fact, we took a little bus to Mũi Né. A beach where you'll find white sand at one side of the road and orange on the other. I had the time of my life.

As we were staying quite a few kilometers from the shore we decided to rent motorbikes. Although I was scared as hell and I probably burnt like a million calories every time we hit 80km/h, I have managed to enjoy myself. I didn't drive myself, but I kept myself busy sitting in the back taking photographs.

The boats are so colorful (like everything else in Vietnam) and carry eyes. Aside from being cute, the eyes are meant to watch out for sea monsters and are meant to prevent losing the way. I thought that was a lovely little story.

We pulled over at this cute café where I had a sugarcane juice and a fresh coconut. Sugarcane juice is a drink you'll find everywhere in Vietnam. Every road has at least three machines that press sugarcane creating a lovely sweet and healthy (I think) juice as a result.

People were probably wondering why I was photographing trash but, I mean, in my eyes this is art. Don't you think?


I also met some lovely people here in Vietnam who made this holiday even more perfect.

I still get surprised by the way some people live. I do love how every family looks so much happier than families living in big houses. When we were driving past these houses, we always had little kids screaming and waving at us.

I had a great time. Somethimes I lifted my arms, sitting on the motorbike, and pretended to by flying. I felt so free.

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