dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

Vietnam - Photo Diary

What I was wearing:
Sunglasses: Miu Miu
Necklace: Topshop
Dress: Topshop
Flask: Tiger
Shoes: Maison Empereur
Before heading for Ho Chi Minh I was a little scared that spending three weeks in the same city would get boring. Never have I been more wrong. In this city exploring never comes to an end. Even in the small streets, you would never consider taking, you'll find coffee bars and restaurants. Therefor, getting bored in Vietnam is impossible. 
Pancakes for breakfast.

Lunch at The Hungry Pig. I had a Wake n Bacon with a Vietnamese coffee. 

Yesterday I went to Cho Lon which is basically Saigon's China Town. Every little shop is stacked with beautiful lanterns, paper goods, little pens and toys.

As a banana-lover, I had to try out this sort of banana-leave a woman was selling on the sidewalk. I am now on the hunt for the recipe.
We've been so lucky with the weather. It might be raining season, but we've only had rain twice!
We visited the zoo and had such a great time! Even the restaurant in the zoo looks lovely. I mean this is nothing compared to zoo in Antwerp. Also, the entry is so cheap!
The animals are so exotic and nothing like I've seen before, which made the visit very exciting and interesting.
Here you see a snake strangling it's catch. Never have I seen so many animals in action.

The apes were crazy. We even saw two little ones escape their cage.
I loved how every animal interacted with the visitors. This one for example showed it's teeth to every single passer-by. He/She looked so proud.
This ape kept "telling" us to throw him the plastic bottles we were holding. When the guards told us we couldn't, he looked at us very sadly. So cute!
We booked a vespa-tour to the Mekong Delta (a river in Vietnam). This was one of the best experiences I've ever had. If you ever visit Vietnam, I would definitely recommend to go on a tour with this organization. Get more information here.
The vespas were gorgeous and the drivers were such gentlemen.
They literally transport ANYTHING on their motorbike.

When we had a break at a local for Vietnamese coffee, we discovered this random set-up of washing products, a toothbrush and a chili pepper. I had to photograph this. Like, what is that pepper doing there?
They dropped us of at a local market. (cutest bananas e-ver)
The fish-area of the market.

Their attempt to escape.

The kids are so cute. The moms are always flattered if you like their kids. At the zoo I had a woman handing me her kid to take a photo. I couldn't stop smiling afterwards.
Beautiful colors.

A little snack at the market which was included in the vespa tour. We got shelves with peanuts on top which was amazing!
Not only did we get to see how incense gets made, but we also visited a temple, went on a ferry, got to see how rice-wine gets made, had lunch and so much more!

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