woensdag 30 juli 2014

Feeling Grey...

Heading back to Belgium after spending three weeks of laying in the sun, eating pizza, drinking wine, sipping cocktails, ordering ice cream, swimming in the pool, going to restaurants, is tough. I used a black and white filter on the pictures since I liked the idea of matching pictures to the way I was feeling. I sound like such a drama queen, but I guess I am. 
The only reason I got in that car on the 26th of july, was because I knew that august would be at least as exciting as July. How so? Because, let me tell you, the time has come where I am finally going on my long awaited trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It has been a year of waking op at 5am to head to shitty jobs, not being able to shop while your friends can, going to parties but not drinking a thing because it costs too much. But now, the hard working is finally going to pay off. 
Why Ho Chi Minh? The two boys, with who I come along the best, apart from my dad maybe, have moved to Vietnam. Instead of crying in a corner I decided to save up money so I could travel to Vietnam a year later. It is a whole new experience and I'll be taking my laptop along to blog the hell out of those three weeks of amazingness. 
Here are some of the last pictures taken in Italy!
Heading for an ice cream.
Dream car spotted in Rome
Surprise! I got to see the Vietnamese boys earlier since they were spending their vacation in Rome!
Window shopping and crying over the price tags. (Rome)
Cappuccino in Perugia.

Porchetta Sandwich that made me sick for the rest of the day. (Perugia)

New Orleanian Jazz band. (For those of you who know the serial TREME, take a good look at the guy playing the guitar.) (Perugia)

(Città della Pieve)

Favorite italian restaurant. It is very a la mama. (Città della Pieve)

Last day... I might look happy, but secretly I was crying behind my sunnies. 

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