zaterdag 28 juni 2014

What I love about summer - Working out

Need to get your body bikini-ready? It's never too late to start working out! 
Since I get bored very easily, my workouts need to be short but effective. If I go for a run I will rather go for a 10 min sprint than a 1 hour long jog. Doing the same thing for more than one hour bores the hell out of me! Sometimes, riding my bike to the park is already to big of a deal for me. That's why I go for Blogilates!
Have you ever heard of Cassey Ho aka Blogilates? I discovered her channel on youtube and started working out with her a few months ago. She is basically your personal trainer but less expensive. In fact, it is totally free!
At first I just watched some of her workout videos whenever I felt like it, but I've recently discovered that she has a blog where you can download calendars that tell you exactly what workout you should do each day for that perfectly toned body. I love it! Cassey is very enthousiast  and full of good vibes. She also shares recipes for a healthy diet, which can be very handy! No workout will give you a bikini body if you keep eating nutella sandwiches! Seriously guys, even if you are totally fine with the way you look (which you should), working out is just so great. I feel awesome and very happy after a workout. It makes you feel on top of the world! Not convinced yet? Here are some reasons why you should go put on your workout clothes!

  • Working out makes you fit
  • Working out makes you confident
  • A fit body makes your clothes even prettier
  • Working out is great for your skin!
  • If you work out with Blogilates, you won't even have to go out the door!

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