vrijdag 20 juni 2014

Sugar in Antwerp | Creme de la Creme

Exactly 18 hours ago I was skipping through the school with a very big smile on my face. I had just finished my last exam and boy, went it well! Normally, I'm very bad at history. I'm that person that starts mixing everything up and all of the sudden starts talking about Marx when she's supposed to talk Darwin. But this time I think I did pretty good. I actually found myself making squeaking noises out of happiness. 
Of course I wanted to celebrate but since many of my friends hadn't fully finished their exams there wasn't really anyone to celebrate with. Man, that sounds sad doesn't it? But oh well, I had a glass of cava with my family and a delicious dinner. I was waiting for the ice cream car to swing by our street but when I checked the time, I realized that all the kids had probably already gone to bed and that the ice car wouldn't return for a seventeen year old. Since my sister just got her driving license we took the opportunity to go in town and grab an ice cream at the most nostalgic ice cream bar ever. When I was little I used to go there all the time!

Here's a little story.. 
There was this one time my parents went to the ice cream bar and they asked me what flavor I wanted. When they didn't get an answer they noticed that I wasn't in the carrycot anymore. I had been so distracted by the "moving statue", that now and then stands between the real statues next to the cathedral, that I had got out of the carrycot. I remember standing there all alone at the age of four, trying to explain to an old lady what my mom looked like. But when they found me, the ice cream made it all okay. 

What I love about this ice cream bar isn't the quantity of ice you get, no it barely sinks away in your cone. But that's just a typical Belgian thing I guess.. 
Apart from that, the flavors are lovely and they have the best cones ever! They don't even give you the option to get a paper tasting cone. They serve the most tasteful cones which other ice cream bars will ask 2 euros extra for. And let's be honest, if we're going to be unhealthy, we want to to it right don't we?

I had a ball of "speculaas", honestly anyone, tell me how you translate that to English because I have no freaking idea. But ahh it was so good! Every single flavor of ice cream is created with love! During winter time you can also enjoy a lo-ve-ly Belgian Waffle. 

Antwerp can be great you know? You just have to go to the right places. This one is located near the Scheldt so you can enjoy a lovely view while stuffing your face with an ice cream. The little things in life...
And please, can we have a moment of silence for the way this bar is called?

What is your favorite ice cream bar?

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