maandag 24 maart 2014

Good mood on Monday

Yes, you read that right; it is possible to feel happy on the first day of the week. Monday, the day I have to wake up early, ride my bike to school for 20 minutes, go sit in a classroom with ugly curtains, learning about politics and other stuff I will never fully understand. But the warm sunshine on my back made it all okay. Today, I matched my outfit with the weather: as bright as the sun and as warm as the wind was cold. 
The thing, other than the weather, that made me feel good were these trousers. The trousers I had been eyeing for-ever. Although I thought they were way to expensive I went looking for them every time I was in the shop just to make sure they were still there. Do I even have to explain the feeling I got when I saw them hanging in the sale-section at Urban Outfitters? Ah, that feeling when there's only one pair left and it happens to be just your size... 
I couldn't wait till summer to wear my platform sandals so I shoved on the glitteriest socks I own and got out the door. Do I get weird looks when I show up at school like this? Yes, but I love that! I just respond with a very big smile. I hope you enjoyed this lovely day as much as I did.
sweater: tè per te
blazer: flea market
trousers: Urban Outfitters
socks: Tabio
shoes: Prada
Thank you sweet sweet sister for wanting to deal with my very weak modelling skills

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