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TRAVEL - Amsterdam

As you might've read in my latest post, it's my dream to visit every single capital city in the world. Eventhough I know it's almost impossible, I figured it was worth a try. Last week I took the train to Brussels, the capital city the nearest to my hometown. I had a great time and got motivated to travel further.
My next stop would be Amsterdam. I had been there before, but I was just a little to young to actually cherish the city. 
As if she had read my mind, my godmother took me to Amsterdam for my eighteenth birthday. And in only two weeks, I have already scratched two capital cities of my list. Let me take you through my day in Amsterdam that, again, consisted of a lot of food and coffee. 

As soon as we got off the train, we headed for the Haarlemmerstraat. My godmother (who'd been to Amsterdam many times before) knew it was a street I would like. And right she was! We went for a small brunch at Vinnies, a very cosy breakfast-lunch-coffee place. I had a cappuccino and a brioche with butter. I would definitely go back, but there are so many little restaurants and cafés in the Haarlemmerstraat that I'd probably try something else. And yes, I'll write about that too.

Next, we hopped into this little food-shop on the corner of the street. They have a selection of beautifully packed delicacies. I noticed how all the restaurants and shops in Amsterdam are very tasteful when it comes to graphic design. Not only are there many markets where all the food comes in beautiful packaging, but also the menus and the storefronts are very neat. Another thing I loved about STACH is that you could try almost everything they were selling. And I swear on my tastebuds that everything tastes as nice as it looks. I wish I'd purchased more, but since it was only the beginning of the day, I didn't really feel like carrying a heavy bag of food that had little chance of not being eaten by the end of the day.

Like every other tourist that doesn't come to Amsterdam for the coffeeshops, we rented bikes. I must admit that it was kind of a struggle to ride a bike with no handbrakes, but the sun shining on my face while I admired the boats, bridges and beautiful houses made it all up. We cycled all the way to the Foodhallen, where we got a well-deserved-lunch. The Foodhallen is basically a foodie's heaven. All sorts of cooking cultures gathered in one large space, can it get any better? When we entered the foodhallen we passed by a few little stands that sold all sorts of gadgets. Ofcourse I had to purchase that beautiful wooden knife that you see on one of the pictures above (the knife on the left). I do feel kind of weird that most 18 year olds go to Amsterdam for the coffeeshops and I go to buy a knife and stuff my face with food, but oh well, we need those people too don't we?
When I had passed by every foodstand for at least three times I decided to have a cheeseburger at The Butcher. A decision I do not regret! The burger was delicious and I love how it was wrapped in paper. I love paper wrapping. I do have to go back next weekend because I would love to try all of the other things that got to meet my eyes but unfortunately not my tummy. 

If you know me a little, you know my favorite coffeebar in Antwerp is Caffènation. It speaks for itself that I went to visit my favorite barista that recently opened a Caffènation in Amsterdam. I am blown away by the interior! They killed it. And obviously, the coffee was on point and tasted like home.

For dinner we went to YamYam. You know what they say about Italian restaurants, right? The uglier the interior, the better the food. This restaurant will prove all people, who claim such things, wrong. After all the eating we did that day, I managed to fit a pizza with goat cheese, artichoke and rucola in my tummy. Hmmm, I have no regrets at all! 

I hope to go back very soon. One day is way too short to see the entire city! 

However, the capital next on my list is Paris. And with a beret already on my head and a baguette already in my panier, I can happily tell you that my train tickets and apartment are booked, so stay tuned for my article about my stay in Paris.
Any hotspots I should visit when I'm in Paris?

Love Jeanne

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