woensdag 9 juli 2014

Falling for Florence

Still in Italy? Yes. Still in love? Yes.
Even though I've been to Florence many times before, this feels like the first time seeing it through "adult" eyes. For the first time I made an effort to show some interest in the history of Florence. All the other times before I was that annoying kid traipsing six meters behind her parents crying for an ice cream. Maybe it's because this year, school has been so awful that I've started to appreciate anything that has nothing to do with school. As I tried to focus on culture and orientation while walking through the streets of Florence, I couldn't help myself from drooling over all the restaurants. I kept checking the time, hoping that it would be lunchtime soon so I could order another homemade pasta with my scarce Italian skills. Seriously, the only thing I know in proper Italian is how to order an ice cream. I've never eaten so good in my life as I've done in Italy. That's another thing that made me fall in love with this country. Italy is Eataly...
If you know me a little, it won't surprise you that I've already looked up some information about the colleges over here. That's just me, whenever a city and I meet, I go and look up all the ways I could possibly move over there. 
I've discovered many great places that every traveler should definitely visit but I find it kind of tricky to recommend my readers restaurants and bars I've only been to once. What if I just picked the right thing of the menu and the rest is bad?
Discovering all of these places did give me plenty of ideas. Ideas that will be worked out as soon as I'm on my own internet server again because, let me tell you, Perugia (the place I'm at right now) and wifi are strangers to each other. I'm planning on making a little tourist guide about Antwerp. I will be doing this not only to help out the tourists but also the Antwerpenaren that feel like they're missing out on so much. Because that's what I feel like most of the time and that's what gave me this idea. I always seem to fall in love with cities I travel to and never with my own. And I would love to get to know Antwerp better because I don't want to be that person who thinks the grass is always greener on the other side.
And so, I add another dream to my big pile of life goals.

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pps: I also added some photos of Pisa so don't get confused.

- Jeanne

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