donderdag 17 april 2014


If you are an instagram addict like I am, you might've noticed the new hash-tag #100happydays. Curious as I am, I went on the internet and looked up what it was all about. It happens to be a very interesting concept that's trying to make people have at least one moment of happiness a day. They noticed how many people are stressed out, busy working and never taking time for themselves to relax and enjoy life. Basically, you can sign yourself up on the website by filling in a couple questions, you choose what social media site you want to post your daily photos on and you're good to go. Each photo has to show what made you happy on that particular day. The challenge is to not miss a day and hopefully feel happier at the end of the journey than you do today. It will make you appreciate life more and will help you find out what it is exactly that makes you feel good. It doesn't have to be winning the lottery. No, it's not about that. For me at least it's not. I am now at day 2 and I've posted a photo that shows how I love waking up to the sun and how I love watching my youtube subscriptions in the morning while I'm still in my warm bed. You even have the possibility to get sent a little book at the end of the journey with all of your happy photos collected. I think it is a very fun concept and I'd love to see what makes other people happy. 

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